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AVbaby Mediastudios Puchstraße 41, 8020 Graz, Österreich Rentals Review

Welcome to the captivating world of AVbaby Mediastudios Puchstraße 41 in vibrant Graz, Österreich. Our goal is to offer you an extraordinary space for your next short-term rental - whether it's for dynamic film projects, immersive VR recordings, or any creative endeavor you can dream up. Located in the bustling city of Graz, this studio is designed to accommodate all your production needs with style and efficiency. Let’s dive deeper into what makes AVbaby Mediastudios a top-notch choice for your next project.

Pros and Cons - AVbaby Mediastudios Puchstraße 41, Graz Section:

  • Pros:

    • Spacious and Versatile: With 196 m² of space and a ceiling height of 7 meters, this studio offers ample room for diverse production setups.
    • Accessible Location: Easily reachable by car, ensuring logistics are hassle-free.
    • State-of-the-Art Lighting: The motorized lowerable rig allows for optimal and flexible lighting arrangements, a crucial element for any film or photo shoot.
    • Customizable Backdrops: For an additional charge, walls and backdrops can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ideal for green screen or VR recordings.
    • Multi-functional Facility: The studio isn't just a filming location; it also boasts film, sound, postproduction studios, and coworking spaces for a holistic creative environment.
  • Cons:

    • Additional Costs for Customization: While the customization options are extensive, they do come at an extra cost, which might not fit every budget.
    • Indoor Limitation: Primarily designed for indoor productions, it may not cater to those looking for an outdoor space.

Sources: AVbaby Film official website, customer reviews.

Review AVbaby Mediastudios Puchstraße 41, Graz Section:

When it comes to renting AVbaby Mediastudios Puchstraße 41 in Graz, you are investing in a highly adaptable and professional space. The studio offers top-tier amenities including a 196 m² area with 7-meter high ceilings, making it ideal for various types of film and VR projects. The lighting setup is state-of-the-art, thanks to the motorized lowerable rig, ensuring your productions have optimal lighting conditions.

Location-wise, the studio is conveniently accessible by car, easing the logistics for both crew and equipment. The price is competitive at 8000 cents per hour and 51000 cents per day, considering the high-end features and customization options available.

Overall, AVbaby Mediastudios stands out due to its high flexibility, accessibility, and comprehensive facilities, which include film, sound, and postproduction studios, along with coworking spaces.

Ideal Renters AVbaby Mediastudios Puchstraße 41, Graz Section:

The studio is perfectly suited for:

  • Film Producers and Directors: The ample space, high ceilings, and advanced lighting systems make it ideal for ambitious film projects.
  • VR and Green Screen Productions: Customizable backdrops and walls make it a dream location for VR recordings and green screen work.
  • Creative Agencies: Agencies looking for a versatile space that offers everything from filming locations to post-production amenities.
  • Event Planners: Suitable for small-scale events that require a unique, customizable venue.

This facility is designed to cater to the diverse needs of creative professionals seeking a premium, adaptable space.


Hello AVbaby Mediastudios!

We are thrilled to spotlight your exceptional venue on our platform. Your commitment to offering a versatile and top-quality creative space is truly outstanding. We look forward to connecting you with individuals and teams who will appreciate and fully utilize the incredible facilities you offer.

Have questions?:

Need more information or want to book this extraordinary space? Contact the hosts directly ' to receive personalized assistance and ensure all your event needs are met.

Original Host Message:

"With a total size of 196 m² and a room height of 7 m, the studio offers the perfect location for the realization of modern, creative film projects.

The studio is accessible by car and the motorized lowerable rig ensures that the lighting can be easily and optimally adjusted.

On request and for an additional charge, the walls and backdrops can be customized and are therefore also the ideal playground for green screen or VR recordings.

For detailed information please have a look at our homepage: www.avbabyfilm.com

And to get an insight into our studio world consisting of film, sound and postproduction studio as well as coworking space, we recommend a flight through the AVbaby world: AVbaby World on Vimeo."

Free Extras:: additional light and equipment can be rented (see homepage)
Floor Space (m2): 196
Public Parking:
Website: www.avbabyfilm.com
Phone: 0043 650 4141400 (Stefan Schmid)

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