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Atelier Äuglein Proberaum Oppelner Str. 12, 10997 Berlin, Germany Rentals Review

Welcome to your next rehearsal destination at Atelier Äuglein Proberaum in the vibrant city of Berlin! This charming practice room is specially designed for solo musicians and singers who need a dedicated space away from home. Nestled in the heart of Berlin's cultural hub, Oppelner Str. 12, 10997 Berlin, Germany offers an ideal spot for artists seeking inspiration and focus. With dedicated WiFi, a P.A. system, and a mixer, this space ensures that your sessions are both productive and enjoyable.

Pros and Cons - Atelier Äuglein Proberaum Oppelner Str. 12, 10997 Berlin Section:

  • Pros:

    • Convenient Location: Situated in Berlin, a city known for its rich cultural and musical heritage.
    • Dedicated Equipment: Features a P.A. system and mixer, which are essential for singers and musicians.
    • Privacy and Focus: Provides a quiet and private environment, perfect for uninterrupted practice.
    • Affordable Rates: With competitive pricing at 450 cents per hour or 3000 cents per day, it’s an economical choice for solo artists.
  • Cons:

    • Limited Space: Designed primarily for solo musicians; may not be suitable for group rehearsals.
    • Basic Amenities: Focuses on essential musical equipment, which may not cater to all user needs.

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Review Atelier Äuglein Proberaum Oppelner Str. 12, 10997 Berlin Section:

Atelier Äuglein Proberaum is particularly well-suited for individual musicians and vocalists who require a dedicated and equipped environment for practice. With affordable hourly and daily rates, it’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on essential amenities. The location in Berlin is another plus, providing easy access to a variety of public transport options and proximity to the city's cultural institutions.

Overall, it's a highly recommended choice for those who value a mix of practicality and location convenience, with the added benefit of specialized equipment that supports their musical endeavors.

Ideal Renters Atelier Äuglein Proberaum Oppelner Str. 12, 10997 Berlin Section:

The ideal renters for Atelier Äuglein Proberaum include:

  • Solo Musicians: Perfect for instrumentalists who need a quiet space to perfect their art.
  • Singers: Designed to provide vocalists with the right acoustics and equipment for voice practice.
  • Music Students: An excellent option for students seeking a professional environment to practice consistently.
  • Traveling Artists: Ideal for musicians on tour needing a dependable space while in Berlin.

These groups will find that Atelier Äuglein Proberaum meets their specific needs by offering privacy, essential equipment, and a conducive environment for focused practice sessions.


Hello Atelier Äuglein Proberaum!

We are delighted to feature your exceptional rehearsal space on our platform. Your commitment to providing a specialized environment for musicians and singers is evident, and we look forward to helping you connect with those who seek a professional yet accessible place to refine their artistry.

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Original Host Message:

"Atelier Äuglein has a small practice room, intended for regular solo musicians and singers who can't practice at home. It has dedicated WiFi and a P.A. system + mixer available."

Free Extras:: +0.5€/h for using the P.A & mixer & available amps.
Rules: Users must sign in on site and give a 100€ deposit to get autonomous access to the room and to the and online booking.
Floor Space (m2): 15
Public Parking:

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