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Spalding Studio Spaldingstraße 144, 20097 Hamburg, Germany Rentals Review

Welcome to Spalding Studio located at Spaldingstraße 144, right in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. If you're looking for a top-tier recording studio that balances legendary sound engineering with state-of-the-art technology, then this is your spot. Dive into our comprehensive review to see why so many musicians and producers are thrilled to call Spalding Studio their creative home. Let your creativity flow in a space where innovation meets comfort.

Pros and Cons - Spalding Studio Spaldingstraße 144, 20097 Hamburg, Germany


  • High-Quality Equipment: The studio boasts the SSL AWS 948 console, which is renowned for its excellence in recording and mixing.
  • Great Acoustic Design: From natural stone walls to drum risers, the space is acoustically optimized, especially for drum recordings.
  • Spacious Recording Rooms: The significant recording area allows for flexibility, creativity, and comfort during sessions.
  • Comprehensive Microphone Collection: With over 40 professional-grade microphones, ranging from Neumann to Shure, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Convenient Amenities: Lounge areas and a kitchenette make it easy to relax between sessions.
  • Multiple Services Offered: From recording and mixing to mastering and voice dubbing, Spalding Studio covers a range of audio production needs.

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  • Premium Pricing: The cost might be on the higher side, which could be a barrier for some independent musicians.
  • Limited Outdoor Options: Primarily designed for indoor recordings, limiting scope for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sources: Reviews from Google and Yelp.

Review Spalding Studio Spaldingstraße 144, 20097 Hamburg, Germany


Spalding Studio is designed to cater to every facet of music production, making it an ideal choice for artists and producers looking for a professional yet comfortable environment.


  • Main Recording Room: The dual-purpose main recording/control room provides an unrestricted workflow.
  • Acoustic Treatments: High-end materials and design ensure impeccable sound quality.
  • A Vast Array of Instruments: Includes Pearl Masters Drumset, Wurlitzer Piano, and more.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Equipped with Logic 9/X, SSL Duende Channelstrip, and an assortment of top-tier plugins and software.


Situated in the bustling and culturally rich city of Hamburg, the studio is easily accessible and surrounded by numerous dining and entertainment options.


  • Hourly Rate: 6500 cents (approx. €65)
  • Daily Rate: Please inquire for special packages and detailed pricing.

Overall, Spalding Studio stands out as a premier recording space in Hamburg thanks to its advanced features, strategic location, and commitment to excellence.

Ideal Renters Spalding Studio Spaldingstraße 144, 20097 Hamburg, Germany

Musicians and Bands:

Both solo artists and full bands will find Spalding Studio's expansive setup ideal for creating high-quality recordings. The spacious main room ensures that even large groups can work comfortably without feeling confined.

Producers and Engineers:

Music producers and sound engineers will appreciate the studio’s comprehensive array of equipment and software. Its acoustically optimized environment enables precise audio monitoring and adjustment.

Voice-Over Artists and Podcasters:

With superior mic options and a soundproof setup, voice-over artists and podcasters can produce clear, professional-quality recordings.

Companies and Advertising Agencies:

For those needing to produce commercial jingles, voiceovers, or other media, Spalding Studio offers both the technological and creative support required to deliver top-notch results.


Hello, Spalding Studio!

We are thrilled to highlight your incredible facility on our platform. Your dedication to providing a world-class recording environment in Hamburg does not go unnoticed. We look forward to connecting you with more artists, producers, and creators who will surely benefit from your top-tier services and welcoming atmosphere.

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Spalding Studio Solid State Logic AWS 948 console is the heart of the studio. Besides the legendary SSL sound during recording and mixing, it meets all modern workflow requirements including automation, total recall, and digital connections.

Our main recording room doubles as the control room, offering unrestricted action and effective work in a comfortable ambiance. Acoustics are optimized with both natural stone walls and modern soundproofing materials to ensure the best audio quality.

A vast microphone selection and a growing library of samples and effects are at your disposal. Our studio also provides amenities like a comfortable lounge and kitchenette. We offer various services, including recording, mixing, arrangement, composition, and mastering of music productions, as well as radio plays, voice recordings, and dubbing.

By appointment, you can even book the studio separately from our staff, although we always offer our professional services whether as drummers, producers, engineers, or composers and arrangers.

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Floor Space (m2): 150
Public Parking:
Phone: 0049/40/234441

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