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Reach Renters

WE SPOTS reach creators, artists & professionals renters more than any other platform. Once you publish your listing, we automatically publish your space & meeting room to top listing websites. Thanks to our API Technologies.

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With WE SPOTS Digital Platform you can manage all your listings. All potential renters will be Guided to automatically contact you and book digitally.Save time by using our easy-to-use digital Space management platform.

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Guests are charged upfront through WE SPOTS secure payment system. Your payout is directly deposited after each booking, WE SPOTS Charges zero Commission.

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Our Automated Internet Listing Marketing (AIL)

Market your listing on the top listing sites with Reach:

- Automatically publish your listing to top leading studios rentals websites.
- Automatically Access to we-spots.com creators community.
- Artists, Influencers and more.
- Social Media Reach.


You will rent your space for a diverse makers community.

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"It was my first time renting my startup space and not only did the platform, with few clicks, post across specialized rental websites, the service helped me find the right price point, create a solid listing, communicate and manage bookings and finalize. So much time and effort saved on my part - really glad I used the website!"

Mark Smith