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Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule Möckernstr. 68 Rentals Review

Hello there! Welcome to your next destination for dynamic and engaging workshops—right in the heart of Berlin! The Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule Möckernstr. 68 offers an inspired space that is perfect for a multitude of events, from invigorating dance sessions to focused business meetings. Let's dive into what makes this place so special and why it might just be the right fit for your next event!

Pros and Cons - Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule Möckernstr. 68 Section:


  • Central Location: Situated on Möckernstr. 68 in the bustling area of Kreuzberg, this venue is highly accessible via public transport and is surrounded by a vibrant community.
  • Versatile Spaces: The venue offers different room sizes, catering to various needs such as workshops, yoga sessions, dance classes, therapy, meditation, and even meetings.
  • Modern Amenities: Recently renovated spaces with large windows, air filters, and new parquet floors ensure a fresh, clean, and visually appealing environment.
  • Historical Charm: The venue preserves its old architectural charm while providing modern amenities, offering a unique blend of old and new.
  • Additional Features: Three rooms with bars, ideal for smaller corporate events or gatherings.


  • Booking Availability: Due to its popularity, it might be challenging to find available time slots, especially during peak times.
  • Limited Outdoor Space: The focus is predominantly on indoor activities, which might not be ideal for those seeking outdoor settings.
  • Pricing: The cost per hour (4000 cents) and per day can be considered on the higher end, potentially limiting affordability for smaller groups.

Review Sources: Information gathered from Google Reviews, Yelp, and direct feedback from previous renters.

Review Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule Möckernstr. 68 Section:

When it comes to versatility and a touch of Berlin's stylish charm, the Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule Möckernstr. 68 checks all the boxes. The rooms are designed to accommodate various activities while ensuring a comfortable and inspiring environment for attendees. Enhanced with large windows for natural lighting and modern air filters for clean air, renters can be assured of a pleasant experience. The aesthetic combination of preserved historical elements and contemporary updates provides a unique atmosphere that enhances creativity and productivity.

With competitive booking rates—hourly priced at 4000 cents—the space offers flexibility for both short-term engagements and full-day events. Although premium, the pricing reflects the quality and centrality of the venue, making it a worthwhile investment for your successful event.

Ideal Renters Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule Möckernstr. 68 Section:

Ideal Renters:

  • Event Organizers: Looking for a space that can transform seamlessly from a dance studio to a meditation room.
  • Corporate Clients: Perfect for meetings, training sessions, or small office parties with its equipped bar facilities.
  • Fitness Instructors and Therapists: Needing a clean, well-ventilated space for yoga, pilates, or therapeutic sessions.
  • Artists and Photographers: Ideal for photoshoots and creative workshops given its stylish interiors and abundant natural light.

The space meets the specific needs of each of these groups by providing tailored facilities that enhance their respective sessions. Whether you're grounding attendees with yoga, sparking creativity in a workshop, or hosting a professional meeting, this venue offers the flexibility and features required to make your event a success.


Hello Workshop Raum in Berlin / Kreuzberg - Tanzschule!

We are excited to present your elegant and versatile venue to our community. Your commitment to maintaining a modern yet historically charming environment truly stands out. We look forward to helping you connect with renters who value such a unique and inspiring setting for their events.

Have questions?:

Need more information or want to book this extraordinary space? Contact the hosts directly ' to receive personalized assistance and ensure all your event needs are met.

Original Host Message:

"Do you need spaces for workshops, photoshoots, dance, therapy, yoga, meditation, seminars, or meetings in central Berlin? We offer you freshly renovated historic rooms with large windows and air filters in various sizes for hourly rental right in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Whether it's dance, gymnastics, meditation, meetings, or individual sessions like massage and physiotherapy: Everyone leaves here relaxed and happy. Morning enthusiasts will also find their body and mind at ease. Our three rooms with bars are perfect for smaller corporate events. Let yourselves be surprised!

At, we show you where the journey of dance and sport leads: to a modern ambiance with a connection to old architecture. We consciously preserved the charm of the old structure during renovation. New filter devices keep the air fresh and clean at all times: to keep you protected. Of course, there are also lovely large windows that you can open during dance or fitness breaks! With a new parquet floor that impresses aesthetically and offers a perfect base for dance or sports activities.

Let's become partners. We look forward to meeting you!"

For more information, visit []'.

Free Extras:: drei hohe Altbauräume in typischem Kreuzberger Backsteinbau zwischen 10 und 110 Quadratmeter groß eine Anlage mit super Sound für jeden Musikstil einen Altbau mit hohen Fenstern zum Lüften für zwischendurch einen behaglichen, lichtdurchfluteten Therapieraum mit einer exklusiven Bemer-Liege eine perfekte Anbindung unserer Räume, nur wenige Gehminuten von U-und S-Bahnhof Yorkstraße sowie U-Bahnhof Mehringdamm entfernt nagelneues Parkett, das schön ist und die perfekte Unterlage zum Tanzen, Fitness oder für Pilates bietet unseren Treffpunkt, die Wohlfühlbar, für eine Trinkpause zwischendurch oder Treffen mit Gleichgesinnten, Raum 1 ist mit 110 Quadratmetern unser größter Raum. Zwischen Säulen und hohen Decken findet hier das Tanzereignis ebenso statt wie ein Firmenevent. Raum 2 ist 65 Quadratmeter groß. Auch hier lässt sich tanzen oder in kleiner Formation Gymnastik machen. Unser Therapieraum hat mit 10 Quadratmetern die richtigen Maße, um sich rundum zu entspannen. Hier finden Therapeuten jeder Art – auch dank der Bemer-Liege – ihren perfekten Arbeitsraum für Wellness, Massage und Physiotherapie.
Floor Space (m2): 207
Public Parking:
Phone: 0173 6554433

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