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Welcome to the "Happy Pigeons" event/ community space! Initially created for our community-living project "Happy Pigeons", it is designed for many different purposes: social gatherings & connecting with other people, working, chilling, brainstorming & being creative. So, we gave it an inspiring vibe to foster your productivity and creativity BUT at the same time kept it super cozy so that our community (and you!) can chill, relax and connect with other people. It is a truly unique hybrid concept!

FLEXIBILITY: Our space can be used for all kinds of events. Our trapezoid-shaped tables can be easily arranged in various ways, such as islands, u-shapes, classroom style, or as a long table (e.g. for diners). Having wheels you can just drag them wherever you like. They are also adjustable by height, which might come in handy for workshops or meetups.

PRIVACY: Even though the space is situated on the ground floor of the building, facing the street, closing our long curtains allow you to have complete privacy if needed. When closed, the curtains create a theater-like atmosphere in the space.

Here are some examples of how our space was used in the past:

As mentioned before, our flexible desks (movable and adjustable in height) come in very handy for any type of workshop.
Approach your challenges and topics in a creative & unconventional way in our DESIGN THINKING WORKSHOPS. Please text us for more information.

Our projector and and big screen in combination with the long curtains, transforms the space into a little (home) cinema.

Our space is popular for meetings, such as internal strategy meetings. The inspiring vibe of the space will boost your productivity and creativity. Two flipcharts and various workshop materials (Post its etc) help with brainstormings.

Our space is currently used for (weekly) yoga and singing classes. Other classes that took place in the space: Non-violent communication, a yoga workshop series with tea ceremony, stretching, pitching events/ classes.

Enjoy some quality time with your friends or family while having a Potluck dinner or brunch!

We have hosted various meetups over time and welcome every idea. If your meetup is open and free for the public, we can give you a special price (or let you use the space for free). Drop us a message for more infos.

Our cozy kitchen is great for cooking workshops/ events. Our friends form "Plantbased Berlin" used to do a lot of cooking classes here, before they opened their own great (vegan) cafe in Prenzlauer Berg- best brunch place in the city!

We partnered up with some delicious restaurants and cafes, which offers all types of food. Please let us know your preferences (e.g. vegan or vegetarian) after booking. Thanks!

Free Extras:: On request available (for extra fee): Coffee, tea, Water (sparkling), soft drinks, catering (breakfast, lunch), projector, flipcharts, workshop materials
Floor Space (m2): 80
Capacity: 20 people comfortably
Public Parking:

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