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Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek, Hamburg, Deutschland Rentals Review

Welcome to your next versatile event space at the Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation in Eilbek, Hamburg! Whether you're a professional photographer, a filmmaker, or someone planning a unique event, this location isn't just a studio—it's your canvas for creativity. This bright, airy studio located in the historic heart of Hamburg offers the ideal setting for various projects and gatherings.

Pros and Cons - Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek, Hamburg Section


  • Natural Light: The studio boasts two daylight facades, including one facing south, providing excellent natural light. This feature is particularly appealing for photographers and filmmakers.
  • Versatile Space: The studio is approximately 230 sqm in size and can be used for a multitude of purposes such as photo productions, film productions, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and even corporate events.
  • Fully Equipped: The space includes various backgrounds, room dividers, tables, chairs, and photo equipment. Additionally, there is a kitchen suitable for food productions.
  • Accessibility: Located on the first floor of an old factory building, the studio also offers parking in the courtyard and access to high-power electricity and WiFi.
  • Customizable Lighting: With curtains available to darken the space, you can easily control the lighting environment for your specific needs.


  • Restricted to Indoor Events: The studio is designed for indoor activities, which might be a limitation for those looking to incorporate outdoor elements into their events.
  • Location: Positioned in a courtyard of an old factory building, it may not offer the most luxurious or modern exterior surroundings.

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Review Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek, Hamburg Section

When it comes to versatility, Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek in Hamburg excels. This studio offers a spacious and well-equipped environment perfect for various events and productions. The abundant natural light from its two facades makes it ideal for photography and filming. The availability of numerous backgrounds and props ensures that you can tailor the space to meet your creative requirements.

Price: The cost is reasonable given the extensive facilities, priced at approximately 60 Euro per hour (6000 cents) and 520 Euro per day (52000 cents). This makes it a competitive option for those seeking a high-quality yet affordable event or production space.

Location: Situated in Eilbek, Hamburg, the studio's setting in a historic factory building courtyard provides a unique, authentic atmosphere that enhances its overall appeal.

Ideal Renters Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek, Hamburg Section

The Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek is ideally suited for the following groups:

Professional Photographers:

With its ample natural light and customizable backgrounds, this studio offers an optimal environment for photo shoots.


The space’s versatile set-up and equipment make it perfect for various filming needs. Whether you're shooting a commercial, short film, or documentary, you'll find the amenities exceptional.

Event Planners:

From corporate gatherings to intimate workshops, the studio’s spacious layout can accommodate numerous event types with ease.

Culinary Artists:

The fully equipped kitchen available for food productions makes this studio a great option for chefs and food photographers.


Hello Fotostudio Tageslichtlocation Eilbek, Hamburg!

We are thrilled to feature your versatile and vibrant studio space on our platform. Your commitment to providing a well-equipped and adaptable environment is evident, and we look forward to helping you connect with guests who seek the perfect setting for their creative projects and events.

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Original Host Message:

"Das Mietstudio LOFT25 liegt in der ersten Etage eines alten Fabrikgebäudes im Hinterhof.
Das Tageslichtstudio kann genutzt werden für:
Seminare, Workshops, Coachings
Ihre individuelle Veranstaltung
Die Küche ist für Food-Produktionen ausgestattet und nutzbar.
Das Loft25 ist ca. 230 qm groß, 12m breit, 17 m lang und 3,30 m hoch.
2 Tageslichtfronten (1 x Südseite), Vorhänge zum Verdunkeln sind vorhanden
grauer, strapazierfähiger Kunstharzboden
diverse Hintergründe, Raumteiler, Tische, Stühle und Fotoequipment sind vorhanden
Parkplatz im Hof

Free Extras:: Kaffee, Tee, Wasser, Flipcharts inkl. Beamer vorhanden.
Rules: Preis für 9 Std., ansonsten Overtime à 60€/ Std.
Floor Space (m2): 230
Capacity: Ca. 25 Personen, je nach Nutzung auch mehr
Public Parking:
Phone: 0177 4570045

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