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Impact Hub Stuttgart - Coworking and Event Space Quellenstraße 7, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany Rentals Review

Welcome to Impact Hub Stuttgart - a vibrant Coworking and Event Space located in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany! Here, innovative ideas come to life within a community dedicated to sustainable innovation and forward-thinking entrepreneurial endeavors. As part of the global Impact Hub network, this space offers a unique environment for collaboration and growth. Let's explore more about what Impact Hub Stuttgart has to offer!

Pros and Cons - Impact Hub Stuttgart Section:


  • Dynamic Community: Impact Hub Stuttgart fosters a community of like-minded individuals focused on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a supportive environment for growth.
  • Global Network: Being part of the Impact Hub global network opens up opportunities for collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing on an international scale.
  • Versatile Event Space: The venue offers a multifunctional space suitable for coworking, workshops, seminars, and various events, accommodating diverse needs.


  • Limited Parking: Reviews mention that parking availability in the area might be limited, which could pose a challenge for those commuting by car.
  • Availability Concerns: Due to the popularity of the space, booking in advance is recommended to secure desired dates for events and coworking sessions.

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Review - Impact Hub Stuttgart Section:

Impact Hub Stuttgart is a highly sought-after space for individuals and organizations seeking a collaborative and innovative environment. The facilities are modern and well-equipped to cater to a variety of needs, from coworking to hosting impactful events. The central location of the space in Stuttgart ensures easy accessibility, enhancing its appeal for both locals and visitors. With a focus on sustainability and community building, Impact Hub Stuttgart stands out as a hub for creativity and growth.

The pricing for renting this space is competitive, offering hourly rates starting at 400 cents and daily rates at 3000 cents, providing flexibility for different rental needs. Whether you are looking for a productive coworking space or a venue to host your next event, Impact Hub Stuttgart delivers on both functionality and aesthetics.

Ideal Renters - Impact Hub Stuttgart Section:

The ideal renters for Impact Hub Stuttgart - Coworking and Event Space are:
- Entrepreneurs and Startups: Perfect for individuals and small businesses looking for a collaborative workspace to nurture ideas and drive innovation.
- Event Organizers: Ideal for hosting workshops, seminars, networking events, and other professional gatherings in a dynamic setting.
- Remote Workers: Suited for freelancers and remote workers seeking a productive environment with networking opportunities and a sense of community.

By offering a space that promotes creativity, sustainability, and community engagement, Impact Hub Stuttgart caters to a wide range of individuals and groups seeking a supportive and inspiring workspace.


Greetings Impact Hub Stuttgart - Coworking and Event Space!

Your commitment to fostering sustainable innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Stuttgart is truly commendable. We are excited to showcase your vibrant space to our audience and connect renters with the dynamic community you have built. Here's to continued growth, collaboration, and success at Impact Hub Stuttgart!

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