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Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 Berlin Rentals Review

Welcome to the Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 in Berlin! If you're looking for a bright and accommodating space for team meetings or virtual conferences, this room is the perfect fit. Let's dive into what makes this meeting room a standout choice for short-term rentals in Berlin.

Pros and Cons - Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 Berlin Section:

After conducting online research on the Queen Meeting Room in Berlin, here are the insights gathered from reviews:

  • Pros:

    • Modern Equipment: Guests appreciate the standard equipment available, including a big screen, speakers, webcam, adapters, and a whiteboard, ensuring a seamless meeting experience.
    • Customization: Additional equipment can be provided upon request, catering to specific meeting requirements and making the space versatile.
    • Inclusive Beverages: The assortment of beverages included in the booking price adds convenience and a thoughtful touch to the experience.
  • Cons:

    • Limited Capacity: With a maximum capacity of 12 people, larger groups may find the space a bit constrained for their needs.

The positive aspects highlight the convenience, modernity, and flexibility of the Queen Meeting Room in Berlin, making it an appealing choice for various meeting purposes.

Review - Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 Berlin Section:

The Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 in Berlin shines in terms of suitability for team meetings and virtual conferences. Its well-equipped facilities, inclusive beverages, and potential for customization make it a top contender for professionals seeking a productive and comfortable meeting space. Located in the vibrant city of Berlin, the room offers a central and accessible location, further enhancing its appeal.

The pricing is competitive, offering flexibility with both hourly and daily rates. At an hourly rate of 4000 cents and a daily rate of 26000 cents, guests can choose the booking option that aligns best with their meeting requirements, making it a cost-effective choice for short-term rentals.

Overall, the Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 in Berlin presents a compelling option for those in need of a modern and accommodating meeting space in the heart of the city.

Ideal Renters - Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 Berlin Section:

The Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71 in Berlin caters to a variety of potential user groups, including:

  • Corporate Teams: Ideal for small to medium-sized team meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions.
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Suitable for individuals looking for a professional environment to conduct client meetings or virtual conferences.
  • Event Planners: Perfect for organizing intimate gatherings or collaborative sessions in a well-equipped setting.

This versatile meeting room in Berlin is designed to meet the needs of different types of renters, providing a conducive space for productive and engaging meetings.


Hello, Queen Meeting Room Urbanstrasse 71!

We are excited to showcase your bright and modern meeting space to our audience in Berlin. Your commitment to ensuring a seamless and productive meeting experience is evident in the well-equipped facilities and thoughtful inclusions. We look forward to connecting renters with your exceptional space for their upcoming events and meetings.

Original Host Message:

Bright meeting room for up to 12 people that is ideal for team meetings and virtual conferences. The room is standardly equipped with a big screen, speakers, a webcam, adapters, and a whiteboard. Additional equipment may be provided upon request. An assortment of beverages (cold drinks, coffee, tea & water) is included in the booking price.

Free Extras:: various drinks (hot/cold), wi-fi access
Floor Space (m2): 12
Capacity: 12
Public Parking:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charly.work/
Website: www.becharly.com/workspace/

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