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Elegant, green venue in Paris 10 Rue la Vacquerie 75011 Paris, France Rentals Review

Welcome to an extraordinary space dedicated to events and audiovisual for professionals in the heart of Paris! This venue offers a unique ecosystem that allows you to bring your hybrid events to life with LIVE recording capabilities.

Pros and Cons - Elegant, green venue in Paris 10 Rue la Vacquerie 75011 Paris, France Section:

After gathering reviews, let's highlight the key aspects that make this venue stand out:

  • Pros:

    • Versatile Spaces: Featuring a Restaurant, a Theatre, and a Plaza, this venue can cater to conferences, seminars, screenings, and corporate evenings with a capacity of up to 120 people, offering flexibility for various event types.
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Equipped with audiovisual solutions like a film set with an LED wall and a "green background" for high-quality LIVE recording and broadcasting, enhancing the overall event experience.
    • Unique Environments: From a green rooftop to a coworking area and meeting rooms, this venue provides a range of distinctive spaces that can accommodate different event needs and preferences.
  • Cons:

    • Limited Outdoor Spaces: The focus on indoor areas might be a drawback for those seeking outdoor event options.
    • Higher Price Range: Exclusive amenities come with a price, which might not fit all budget requirements.

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Review - Elegant, green venue in Paris 10 Rue la Vacquerie 75011 Paris, France Section:

The Elegant, green venue in Paris offers a sophisticated haven for a wide range of events, from corporate meetings to grand product launches. With unparalleled amenities such as cutting-edge technology and versatile event spaces, this venue is ideal for hosting elegant and impactful gatherings in the heart of Paris.

Suitability: Ideal for corporate events, seminars, product launches, and exclusive celebrations. The blend of luxury and functionality makes this venue suitable for professionals looking to create a lasting impression.

Amenities: From state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions to exquisite catering services, this venue ensures that every event is executed flawlessly.

Location: Located in the vibrant city of Paris, the venue's address provides accessibility and a touch of urban charm, enhancing the overall event experience.

Price: Competitive pricing for the upscale amenities and services offered, reflecting the exclusivity and quality of this venue.

Overall, the Elegant, green venue in Paris promises a truly remarkable event experience for those seeking a touch of sophistication and innovation in their gatherings.

Ideal Renters - Elegant, green venue in Paris 10 Rue la Vacquerie 75011 Paris, France Section:

The Elegant, green venue in Paris caters to various user groups, including:
- Corporate Clients: Perfect for hosting conferences, seminars, and company parties in a stylish and professional setting.
- Event Planners: Ideal for organizing product launches, masterclasses, and upscale events that require top-notch facilities.
- Digital Professionals: Suited for webinars, filming sessions, and live broadcasting events, utilizing the cutting-edge technology available in the venue.

By understanding the diverse needs of these user groups, the Elegant, green venue in Paris can attract a wide range of clients seeking a sophisticated and digitally integrated event space.


Bonjour, Elegant, green venue in Paris!

We are thrilled to showcase your exceptional space that harmoniously blends elegance and innovation for unforgettable events. Your commitment to providing top-tier audiovisual solutions and unique environments is truly remarkable.

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"A space dedicated to creating exceptional events where innovation meets elegance. Our cutting-edge audiovisual solutions and versatile event spaces are designed to elevate your gatherings. From corporate conferences to dynamic masterclasses, we are here to bring your event vision to life. Experience the magic of LIVE recording and broadcasting in a setting that is as unique as it is sophisticated. Looking forward to hosting your next memorable event!"

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Miriam m

1 month ago

an elegant space that hosted most of our events in Paris. Beautiful.

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