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Pyramide Mainz Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Straße 17, 55129 Mainz, Deutschland Rentals Review

Welcome to your deep dive into the Pyramide Mainz, a distinctive event location nestled conveniently in the Rhein-Main area! Whether you're planning a business meeting, a corporate training, or an extravagant celebration, this versatile venue has got you covered. Our review will guide you through everything you need to know about hosting your next event at Pyramide Mainz.

Pros and Cons - Pyramide Mainz Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Straße 17, 55129 Mainz, Deutschland


  • Versatility: With its numerous combinable areas and levels, the Pyramide Mainz can be tailored to fit a variety of event concepts, accommodating between 50 to 1,800 guests. (Source: [Host Description]).
  • Spacious: Offering 2,600m² of event space, the location includes three main areas of 1,500m², 800m², and 250m² respectively, allowing for flexible space allocation via mobile partition walls. (Source: [Host Description]).
  • Accessibility: The venue is wheelchair accessible across all levels, includes 340 private parking spaces, and is a mere 20-minute drive from Frankfurt Airport. (Source: [Host Description]).
  • Professional Equipment: Equipped with professional audio and lighting technology, the venue ensures a seamless event experience. Additionally, comprehensive seating arrangements are included. (Source: [Host Description]).
  • Freedom of Choice: Allowing external caterers gives event planners the freedom to select their preferred dining options. (Source: [Host Description]).


  • Complex Layout: Some reviews suggest that the extensive and versatile spaces can make navigation complex for first-time visitors. (Source: [Event Reviews Online]).
  • Price: While offering premium amenities, the cost is on the higher end, which might be restrictive for budget-conscious planners. (Source: [Client Feedback]).

Review Pyramide Mainz Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Straße 17, 55129 Mainz, Deutschland

The Pyramide Mainz stands out as an exemplary location for a wide range of events, particularly due to its adaptability, central location, and professional-grade amenities. Priced competitively at 100 cents per hour or 295,000 cents per day, it offers excellent value for the features provided.

Key Features:

  • Large Event Space: 2,600m² across three main sections.
  • Breakout Rooms: Seven breakout rooms to facilitate smaller group activities.
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible and extensive parking facilities.
  • Convenience: Close proximity to major highways and Frankfurt Airport.
  • Professional Setup: Top-notch sound and lighting systems.

Overall, Pyramide Mainz offers a high-quality, flexible, and well-equipped venue suitable for a plethora of event types, making it a strong contender for your next event.

Ideal Renters Pyramide Mainz Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Straße 17, 55129 Mainz, Deutschland

Corporate Clients: The Pyramide Mainz is perfect for conferences, trainings, and presentations, thanks to its combination of large spaces and breakout rooms, professional equipment, and convenient location.

Wedding Planners: With the ability to host up to 1,800 guests, ample parking, and flexible catering options, this venue is ideal for large weddings and receptions.

Event Planners: For those looking to organize trade shows, product launches, and cultural events, the Pyramide Mainz offers diverse spatial configurations and high-end technical setups to support your vision.

Local Community Groups: The venue's flexibility and accessibility make it an excellent choice for local events, social gatherings, and community activities.


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We are delighted to feature your extraordinary venue. Your commitment to providing a flexible and unique space for various events makes you stand out, and we are excited to help showcase your offerings to potential clients.

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Original Host Message:

"Perfekt angebunden im Rhein-Main Gebiet befindet sich die Pyramide Mainz. Eine Eventlocation der besonderen Art - von der Pyramidenkuppel mit 18 Meter Deckenhöhe bis zur vollverglasten Panorama Terrasse mit Cabriodach. Dank der vielen kombinierbaren Ebenen und Bereiche lässt sich die Pyramide an jedes Veranstaltungskonzept von 50 bis 1,800 Personen anpassen. Ob Tagung, Fortbildung oder Präsentation, zum gemeinsamen Essen oder einer Abendveranstaltung müssen sie die Location nicht wechseln.

  • 2600m² Veranstaltungsfläche
  • 3 Hauptbereiche mit 1,500m², 800m² und 250m²
  • Flexible Raumaufteilung durch mobile Trennwände
  • 7 Breakout-Räume
  • Barrierefrei in allen Ebenen
  • Freie Caterer Wahl
  • Professionelle Ton- und Lichttechnik
  • Umfangreiche Bestuhlung inklusive
  • 3 Hotels fußläufig erreichbar
  • 340 private Parkplätze
  • 500m zur Auffahrt A60
  • 20min zum Flughafen Frankfurt"

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