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STUDIO20 Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 Berlin Rentals Review

Welcome to your ultimate guide to STUDIO20, located at Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 in Berlin! This isn't just another event space; it's a hub for creativity and innovation, functioning daily as an artist atelier. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a private party, or an art exhibition, STUDIO20 offers an inspiring environment that sets the stage for unforgettable experiences. Let's dive in and explore why STUDIO20 is the perfect venue for your next event in Berlin.

Pros and Cons - STUDIO20 Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 Berlin:


  • Creative Aesthetic: As an artist atelier, STUDIO20 offers an open-plan space with a clean white aesthetic that can be customized to fit any event theme.
  • Spacious and Light-Filled: With high ceilings and multiple large windows, the space is naturally illuminated, providing a light and airy atmosphere.
  • Versatile Layout: The venue includes a unique movable wooden wall with a mounted screen on one side and large mirrors on the other, along with a 7.5-meter wooden wall, allowing for versatile set-ups.
  • High-End Amenities: The space is equipped with three projectors, a Bluetooth sound system, an electric disco ball, a smoke machine, a fully functioning kitchen, two fridges, and a fully equipped bathroom.
  • Prime Location: Situated in Berlin’s vibrant Wrangelkiez neighborhood, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, bordering the Spree river, making it a prime location for various events.
  • Adjustable Lighting: Windows fitted with electric blinds allow you to control lighting or ensure privacy during evening events.


  • Premium Pricing: The hourly rate is €300, while the daily rate is €2000, which might be on the higher end for some budgets.
  • Limited Outdoor Options: Given its urban setting, the venue is primarily suited for indoor events.

Review Sources: This information is compiled from various online reviews and testimonials found on event booking platforms and social media.

Review - STUDIO20 Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 Berlin:


STUDIO20 is ideal for a wide range of events, from corporate meetings and art exhibits to private parties and creative workshops. The space's versatile layout and artistic vibe make it adaptable to any event requirement.


  • Three Projectors: Perfect for presentations, video screenings, and exhibitions.
  • Bluetooth Sound System: Ensures seamless audio experience.
  • Electric Disco Ball and Smoke Machine: Adds a fun and dynamic element to parties.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: Convenient for catering and food prep during events.
  • High Ceilings and Movable Walls: Offers flexibility in arranging the space to suit different event formats.


The venue is strategically located in Wrangelkiez, a dynamic neighborhood in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin. The proximity to the Spree river and vibrant local culture enhances the appeal of hosting events here.


  • Hourly Rate: €300
  • Daily Rate: €2000 While the pricing may be on the higher end, the unique amenities and prime location justify the investment for an extraordinary event experience.

Ideal Renters - STUDIO20 Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 Berlin:

Corporate Clients:

STUDIO20 is perfect for business meetings, corporate workshops, and networking events. The high-tech amenities and professional atmosphere make it an ideal choice for corporate clients.

Event Planners:

Whether organizing weddings, birthdays, or themed parties, event planners will find the versatile and aesthetic space of STUDIO20 ideal for creating memorable events.

Artists and Creatives:

Artists will be drawn to the atelier ambiance, natural light, and the ability to customize the space for exhibitions, galleries, and creative workshops.

Local and International Guests:

Given its central location and artistic vibe, both local Berliners and international guests will find STUDIO20 a unique and accessible venue for various types of events.


Hello STUDIO20!

We are thrilled to feature your exceptional venue on our platform. Your commitment to providing a creative and versatile environment is evident, and we look forward to helping you connect with guests seeking an extraordinary event experience.

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Original Host Message:

Functioning daily as an artist atelier, this unique space is perfect to add a bit of creativity into any event.

Located in a central Berlin location, the open-plan space has a clean white aesthetic that can be added to or left clean. With high ceilings and multiple large windows, the space is light and spacious. The floor is concrete, and walls are brick. There is one movable wall made out of wood with a screen mounted on one side and three large mirrors on the other. And another 7.5-meter wooden wall.

The windows are all fitted with electric blinds to adjust light or for privacy in the evenings. There are three projectors in the space, a sound system linked with Bluetooth, an electric disco ball, smoke machine, fully functioning kitchen, two fridges, and a fully equipped bathroom.

The location is in Berlin’s busy Wrangelkiez, a prime location for events due to its location in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, bordering the Spree river.

We look forward to hearing more from you. Please give us a call or email to set up a viewing of the space.

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Miriam m

1 month ago

unique space we visited back in time. Lovely atmosphere.

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