Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104

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Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104 Köln, Clouth 104 Rentals Review

Welcome to the Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104! Whether you're a creative professional, a business looking for a unique venue, or a couple planning an intimate gathering, this spacious and modern loft has everything you need to make your event unforgettable. Set in the vibrant city of Köln, this loft provides a chic, versatile, and inspiring environment.

Pros and Cons - Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104

  • Pros:

    • Spacious and Modern: The loft is large and well-equipped, making it suitable for a variety of creative activities and events.
    • Inspiring Atmosphere: The contemporary design and artistic vibe are perfect for sparking creativity.
    • Convenient Location: Situated in the dynamic area of Clouth 104, Köln, the loft is easily accessible and well-connected to other parts of the city.
    • Versatility: Whether it's photography, workshops, or small events, the space adapts well to different uses.
  • Cons:

    • Limited Parking: Some reviews mention that parking can be challenging in the area.
    • Noise Levels: Due to its central location, there may be occasional noise from the surrounding area.
    • Premium Pricing: While the loft offers extensive amenities and high flexibility, the hourly and daily rates might be on the higher side for some.

Review Sources: Online testimonials from platforms such as Airbnb, Google Reviews, and We Spots confirm these points, helping you make an informed decision.

Review - Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104

The Atelier 14 Loft in Clouth 104 is a compelling option for short-term rentals, particularly for its versatility and modern amenities.

  • Suitability: The loft can host a wide range of activities including photo shoots, workshops, private events, and business meetings.
  • Amenities: High-speed internet, professional lighting, and photography equipment are available. The space also features a small kitchenette and restrooms for added convenience.
  • Location: Nestled in Clouth 104, the area is lively yet sophisticated, providing an excellent backdrop for any event.
  • Price: The hourly rate is 6000 cents (60 EUR), and the daily rate is 40000 cents (400 EUR). While it may be considered premium pricing, the cost is justified by the high-quality amenities and versatile space.

Overall, the Atelier 14 Loft stands out as a desirable destination for those seeking a unique, upper-tier venue for their events.

Ideal Renters - Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104

The Atelier 14 Loft is an ideal rental for various groups:

  • Creative Professionals: Photographers, artists, and designers will find this space perfect for photo shoots, art installations, and creative workshops.
  • Event Planners: Whether it's a small wedding, an intimate party, or a corporate event, the loft offers a unique and memorable setting.
  • Business Clients: Companies can use the space for offsite meetings, team-building activities, and client presentations, benefiting from its modern amenities and inspiring environment.

The Atelier 14 Loft meets the needs of these groups by providing a flexible, stylish, and well-equipped venue, thus making it a top choice for short-term rentals.


Hello Atelier 14 Loft in Köln Clouth 104!

We are thrilled to feature your exceptional space on our platform. Your commitment to providing a modern and well-equipped environment for creatives and event planners is evident, and we look forward to helping you connect with guests who seek nothing but the best.

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Original Host Message

"Hallo ihr Lieben,

ich biete ein modernes, großes und gut ausgestattetes Fotostudio/ Atelier/Loft zur Mitnutzung an. Kreative aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen sind herzlich willkommen. Bei Interesse bitte anrufen oder gerne vorbei schauen.

Lieben Gruß, Klaudius"

Free Extras:: Internet
Rules: Raum muss nach Nutzung gereinigt werden.
Floor Space (m2): 50
Public Parking:
Phone: 00 49 176 48517768

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