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Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira, Praceta, B Lote A 5ºI, 1950-256 Lisboa Rentals Review

Welcome to Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira in the heart of Lisbon! Whether you're planning a creative workshop, a team meeting, or a social gathering, our space offers a unique combination of flexibility and comfort. Dive into the vibrant Lisbon lifestyle while enjoying the contemporary amenities provided in our lounge. Situated within a dynamic coworking environment, we're delighted to offer a venue that caters to both professional and personal occasions with an unmistakable touch of local charm.

Pros and Cons - Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira, Praceta, B Lote A 5ºI, 1950-256 Lisboa Section:

  • Pros:

    • Prime Location: Located in Lisbon, the lounge is easily accessible and surrounded by a lively community, making it perfect for both locals and tourists.
    • Flexible Venue: The ability to rearrange furniture and modify layouts ensures that the space can be tailored to fit various types of events.
    • Comprehensive Amenities: Offers a range of equipment and catering services, including breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch, ensuring convenience for all attendees.
    • Creative Atmosphere: Situated within a coworking space, it provides a stimulating environment that is perfect for brainstorming and collaborative events.
  • Cons:

    • Capacity Limits: While accommodating up to 30 people, larger events may find the space restrictive.
    • Indoor-Only: Primarily an indoor venue, which might not suit those looking for outdoor event options.

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Review Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira, Praceta, B Lote A 5ºI, 1950-256 Lisboa Section:


Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira is ideal for a variety of occasions including business meetings, workshops, and small social gatherings. The adjustable layout and range of amenities make it highly adaptable to different event types.


Key amenities include movable furniture to customize the space layout, high-quality equipment for presentations, and catering services covering breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch. This ensures that all event needs are comprehensively met without hassle.


Situated in Lisbon, the space benefits from excellent accessibility and a rich cultural backdrop. The coworking environment further enhances the creative vibe of the lounge, making it an inspiring location for any gathering.


With a rate of 20000 cents per hour and 120000 cents per day, the pricing is competitive considering the premium amenities and prime location offered.

Overall Appeal

The lounge's appeal lies in its flexibility, comprehensive amenities, and prime Lisbon location, making it an attractive choice for both professional and personal events.

Ideal Renters Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira, Praceta, B Lote A 5ºI, 1950-256 Lisboa Section:

Potential User Groups

  • Corporate Teams: Ideal for business meetings, team-building activities, and workshops where a professional yet creative environment is required.
  • Event Planners: Suitable for organizing small to medium-sized events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and celebrations.
  • Freelancers and Startups: Perfect for brainstorming sessions, collaborative projects, and presentations in a stimulating setting.

Why the Space Meets Their Needs

  • Corporate Teams: The venue’s flexibility, professional amenities, and prime location are perfect for corporate events.
  • Event Planners: The customizable space layout and available catering services make planning and executing events seamless.
  • Freelancers and Startups: The creative coworking atmosphere fosters innovation and collaboration, essential for freelancers and startups.


Hello Lounge Praceta da Tabaqueira!

We are delighted to feature your versatile and creative venue on our platform. Your commitment to providing a flexible and fully equipped environment is truly admirable, and we look forward to connecting you with guests who will appreciate the unique charm and functionality your lounge offers.

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Original Host Message:

This space is situated inside a creative coworking space, and can fit more than 30 people. We offer the possibility to change furniture, move it around and do different layouts. We offer different equipments, as well as catering services for breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch.

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