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Terms of use

We-Spots Terms of Use

About We-Spots: is an AI & APIs powered marketplace developed using Sharetribe open source marketplace. It facilitates the exchange of services and communication among users, focusing on creating a community from a COVID experiment. 

Listing spaces on our platform is free. We-Spots offers direct connections between guests and hosts.

No commission charged to guests.

With a 15% listing fee charged to hosts only. 

Rights of Content

Users retain rights to all text, pictures, and content they create on the service. Users grant permission for their content to be used on social media platforms (including but not limited to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram) and local listing websites for marketing and visibility purposes, aligning with the service's nature. The service provider may file, utilize, and modify such content as necessary for the service or study. The responsibility for the content's accuracy and legality lies with the user who produced it. We-Spots reserves the right to remove any content deemed necessary.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

We-Spots utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for various purposes, including analyzing data, enhancing user experiences, and improving services. AI may be employed to optimize listings, personalize recommendations, and for research and development purposes. By using our platform, you acknowledge and consent to the use of AI in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


No guarantees are provided regarding the functioning of the service. Users are responsible for their actions within the service and should assess other users' reliability. The service provider is not liable for damages caused to users. Users should not expect stored data in the service to be permanently retained.

Booking and Payment Platform Warning

We-Spots facilitates interactions, communications, bookings, and payments between members. However, it is not a party to any bookings and does not verify the suitability or ranking of members, spaces, or listings. The services are limited to enabling bookings and handling fee transactions.

Compliance with Laws, Fees, and Charges

Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of the platform complies with all applicable regulations, laws, and third-party agreements, which may include premises leases, planning and building regulations, and health and safety requirements. Users are also responsible for all fees and charges incurred in connection with the platform and bookings.

Removal of a User

The service provider reserves the right to remove any users and terminate their service use without specific reason or liability for compensation.

Transactions and Insurance

We Spots facilitates the agreement of transaction and lease terms between renter and host. We do not provide insurance or partner with an insurance company.

Applicable Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction for this service and these terms of use is Germany, unless otherwise required by binding law.