The Ultimate AI-Powered Guest Assistant

Discover spotGPT, your AI-powered guest assistant for seamless bookings on Airbnb, We Spots, Peerspace, and more. It includes Space to rent, a polite Messenger for communication, AI Guest Assistant for tailored recommendations, and Budget Planner for smart expense management. Elevate your travel experience with SpotGPT today!

How to use the AI Guest Assistant?

SpotGPT is your ultimate AI-powered rental experience companion, featuring three innovative tools: Messenger for effective host communication, Guest Assistant for tailored recommendations and answers, and Budget Planner for smart expense management. Elevate your booking experience and make every trip unforgettable with SpotGPT.

User engaging with SpotGPT AI Guest Assistant, experiencing personalized and efficient customer assistance. it open doors.
AI can Open Doors...

AI Messenger🔥

Introducing AI Messenger, your friendly communication companion that makes chatting with hosts a breeze! Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to well-crafted, polite messages that make a great impression every time. Whether you're inquiring about a property, coordinating check-in, or expressing gratitude for your stay, AI Messenger has got your back. Embrace the power of friendly and effective communication, and let AI Messenger transform the way you connect with hosts on your favorite booking platforms.

AI Guest Assistant

Meet the Guest AI Assistant, your friendly travel buddy that's here to make your trip even better! Just pop in your questions or requests, and let the AI work its charm. The Assistant comes with three amazing features to elevate your stay:

  1. Personalized recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and events, crafted just for you based on your preferences and interests.
  2. Quick and accurate answers to all your questions about the property, amenities, or the neighborhood, so you can stay well-informed and worry-free.
  3. Insider tips and advice to help you explore your destination like a pro and make the most of your adventure.

With the Guest AI Assistant by your side, get ready to unlock a treasure trove of information and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience tailored just for you!

AI Budget Planner

Now, another hello to the AI Budget Planner, your friendly financial guide for event planning! This amazing tool is perfect for anyone looking to rent a space for special occasions like weddings, recording music, or hosting business events. The AI Budget Planner offers three fabulous features to help you stay on track with your finances:

  1. Customized budget breakdowns based on your event requirements, preferences, and priorities, ensuring every dollar is well-spent.
  2. Smart expense management and optimization, helping you identify cost-saving opportunities without sacrificing the quality of your event.
  3. Real-time financial insights and suggestions to help you make informed decisions and keep your event budget under control.

With the AI Budget Planner by your side, you can confidently plan and host a spectacular event while staying within your budget. Start planning your dream event today with this friendly financial expert!

SpotGPT AI Guest Assistant interface used by Mark Smith.

"It was my first time renting for my family travel event. spotGPT was key to speak to our Berliner Office manager"

Mark Smith